Galvanic Stimulators

VQ Orthocare
bullet Single channel (2-lead) digital high volt pulsed galvanic stimulator
bullet 9 preset default programs that can be accessed and altered
bullet Can store up to 20 custom programs
bullet Programs can be linked together for treatment variety
bullet Tri-lead cable with1 dispersive and 2 active leads
bullet Alternating or continuous treatment mode
bullet Negative or positive polarity mode
bullet Adjustable frequency (1 - 150 Hz)
bullet Energy-efficient microprocessor technology
bullet Treatment timer (1 minute to 8 hours, or continuous)
bullet Compliance monitor
bullet Removable plastic belt clip
bullet 3 year Warranty




GV 350®

bullet Dual Channel
bullet Continuous or alternating stimulation
bullet Timer for desired treatment periods 
bullet Fully adjustable pulse rate
bullet 3 year Warranty

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