Muscle Stimulators

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VQ Orthocare

bulletDual Channel (4-lead) all digital muscle stim
bulletChoice of waveform (symmetrical or asymmetrical biphasic square wave)
bulletTwo treatment modes (simultaneous or alternating)
bulletFully programmable
bullet75 popular preset programs
bulletCapable of storing custom programs
bulletCapable of setting sequential programs
bulletBroad clinician parameters make this a top choice for clinics
bulletAC adapter power supply or 4 AA batteries
bulletMicroprocessor controlled technology 
bulletTreatment timer
bulletTreatment pause button
bullet 3 Year Warranty





bulletDual Channel
bulletSelectable waveform - Symmetrical Biphasic AC or pulsed DC
bulletSelect either simultaneous (SIM) stimulation of both channels or alternating stimulation one channel at a time
bulletTreatment timer
bulletCompliance timer
bulletSafety features include electrode alarm, level locking and a guaranteed constant current

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