4 Channel Combo Stimulator


bullet Four independent channels
bullet 23 preset treatment protocols (11 Interferential, 4 Muscle Stim, 2 Russian Stim, 6 Sequential stim)
bullet Sequential protocols for Interferential/Muscle Stim combination therapies
bullet Wide range of most commonly prescribed protocols
bullet Treatment pause/resume feature
bullet Individual or paired channel intensity control
bullet 3 built-in language selection (English, Spanish, French)
bullet Prescribed treatment protocol lock feature
bullet Maximum amplitude limiter
bullet AC wall adapter or 2 AA battery power supply
bullet Compliance monitor
bullet Preset timed treatments with countdown display
bullet Removable plastic belt clip
bullet 1 Year Warranty



All - Stim®
bullet Four channel (8-lead) all digital combo Mscle Stim, Russian Stim, Interferential, and TENS
bullet Separate intensity controls for each channel
bullet  Fully adjustable EMS mode (Synchronous) with programmed default settings
bullet Fully adjustable Russian Stim mode with programmed default settings
bullet 3 Preset Interferential programs and 1 adjustable frequency program with vector sweep
bullet 3 Fully adjustable TENS modes (Normal, Burst, and Modulated Width)
bullet One program can be locked for each EMS, Interferential, and TENS modes
bullet Treatment start/pause button
bullet Easy to use and operate
bullet Treatment Timer (1-60 minutes)
bullet Compliance Monitor
bullet LCD display with push button control panel
bullet Safety power on/off switch
bullet 1 Year Warranty



Quadstar Elite
bulletFour Channels (8 Electrodes)
bulletEasy to read LCD screen & digital keypad
bullet9 pre-programmed protocols and four types of waveforms
bulletThe user can sequence two or more modalities for complete treatment
bulletPatient compliance meter
bulletTreatment Timer


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