Economy Units
T.E.N.S. Units



Comfor-TENS Plus

bullet Taller knobs for easier adjustment control
bullet Intensity control protective cap prevents accidental changes to current intensity
bullet Hinged door on front for easy access to control settings and battery compartment
bulletEasy slide-in battery compartment
bullet Replaceable plastic belt clip
bulletSoft fabric zippered case with pockets for supply storage
bullet Modern appearance and colors for improved aesthetics

Muscle Stimulators



BioStim® NMS

bullet Dual Channel (4-lead) all digital muscle stim
bulletThree treatment modes (Cycled, Reciprocating, Constant)
bulletChoice of waveform (symmetrical or asymmetrical biphasic square wave)
bullet5 popular preset programs (3 for incontinence)
bulletFully adjustable rate, width, ramp, contraction and relaxation times
bulletLast setting recall & settings lock
bulletLarge LCD display showing all parameters
bulletCompliance monitor
bulletTreatment Timer
bulletRemovable plastic belt clip
bullet5 Year Warranty